Easier & Faster to Make.
Picture Perfect, Every Time.

A fitted sheet and flat sheet invention that is a life saver for the bedroom, the bed & breakfast room, or the hotel room.

Time Saver

Cut bedmaking time down by 50% with an invention so simple, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of it. With flaps that allow for ease of application and uniformity in fit, this design element frees the user from having to move about the bed to ensure an even and smooth fit.

Picture Perfect

Another benefit is the avoidance of ripped or torn corners. These Neet Sheets are designed with multi-directional stretchable corners and stretchable edges that simultaneously relieve the tension of the natural pull at the corners.

Easy Fit

Durable, innovative bedsheets that stay put and stay true to form, wash after wash, as the day you first bought them. They have a thicker elastic band at the bottom that allows for the fitted sheet to tightly hug the mattress and prevent the corners of the sheet from coming off.

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“Neet Sheets allowed us to find affordable, comfortable, luxurious sheets that fit perfectly well on our bed every time. Thanks!”

Antony & Justine

Cut time spent adding new sheets to your bed by up to 50%

Have elastic edges on the fitted sheets to keep the bed made

Reduce mattress lifting by 75%

Thank you CSUSM students for creating this promotional video!

Ruth & Her Idea

When Ruth Young-Loaeza came up with the idea for Neet Sheets, she wasn’t just trying to invent something-she was trying to change the way beds were made. For many years, she and her husband fought the daily battle of bedmaking: trying to keep the fitted sheet in place at the corners and aligning the top sheet just right by pulling at one end while watching the other end shorten- a process that occurred many times over until they gave up in defeat. In the end, the bed never appeared properly made despite their best efforts.

Having been a housekeeper for 24 years, Ruth knew enough about the logistics of bedmaking to design a solution. Making a bed from scratch could take up to 15 minutes for the lay person and 11 minutes for a professional like her. She knew that, of all the hospitality industry employees, housekeepers have the highest risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders, which stemmed directly from how often they have to lift mattresses in order to fix stubborn sheets. With this information and concerns in mind, she set out to create a solution-one that be a game changer in the hospitality industry. This effort led to the development of her first prototype: a fitted bedsheet with stretchable corners and a flat sheet with flaps.

Armed with this promising prototype and the support of her husband, Ruth quit her job and focused solely on refining Neet Sheets and growing her business. Only two years later, My Pillow, a $300M company, placed the first order. Soon after, Ruth’s Neet Sheets were picked up by a number of boutique hotels in California.

With a decrease in bedmaking time by 50% and a 75% decrease in mattress lifting, the hospitality industry is on its way to realizing the necessity of having Neet Sheets as their staple linen. But, the hospitality industry is not the only sector being favored. Neet Sheets is for ANYONE who wants to spend less time and effort when making their bed. Let Neet Sheets give you more time to spend on your daily living. How? Because of the following Neet Sheet design advantages:

  • Flat bed sheet with hospital corners incorporated for ease of application
  • Fitted sheets with stretchable corners to keep your bed made

The idea, the prototype, and the product all born from a daily fight with the bedsheets. Ruth’s inspiration, hard work, and faith gave rise to Neet Sheets- the last set of linens you’ll own.